Regional Peer Counselor Training

These trainings are an opportunity for peer counselors to network with others within their region and learn innovative ways on how to support and educate WIC clients. Relevant breastfeeding related topics will be discussed in a more intimate setting. The target audience for this training: peer counselors only. Participants will have the opportunity to register in one of the regions listed below with the corresponding Regional Lactation Consultant noted. Participants can sign up for a training outside of their region if another date in another region is more convenient.

The COVID-19 pandemic stimulated rapid change in how WIC prenatal and breast/chest feeding clients are educated and supported. The State and local agencies have been challenged in identifying best practice and new, innovative ways to provide the same quality Breastfeeding Program to WIC clients and their families. This regional training sets forth to offer local agency peers the opportunity to learn from those in their local, and surrounding, region(s) using various virtual platforms and other innovative technology, which, thus, can be duplicated in their own local agency.


  1. Discuss methods to offer a quality Breastfeeding Program in a virtual community.
  2. Identify appropriate virtual platforms, and other innovative technology, to provide education and support to prenatal and breast/chest feeding clients.

Virtual Agenda

Regional Peer Counselor Training Agenda

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Please log-on to the Zoom link 10-15 minutes before the training to ensure that your technology is working. Cameras and mics are required.

Southwest Region

November 12, 2020
Virtual Training

South Central and Metro Detroit Regions

November 13, 2020
Virtual Training

U.P./Northern Region

December 1, 2020
Virtual Training

North/Central Region

December 3, 2020
Virtual Training


Alice Christensen: Southwest Region
Stacy Davis: Metropolitan Detroit Region
Nancy Heyns: Upper Peninsula/Northern Region
Heidi Maki: North/Central Region
Winnie Webb: South Central Region