Advanced Clinical Lactation Skills

The purpose of this training is to increase the skills and confidence of local WIC agency CPA staff regarding services provide to the breastfeeding families. This training will address how to support and identify normal breastfeeding behaviors and how to provide evidence based care for common breastfeeding challenges. The following will be included in the training: obtaining a pertinent history and assessment of the breastfeeding dyad; creating a feeding plan specific for the breastfeeding dyad’s situation; uses of alternative feeding devices; sore nipple management; baby who will not latch; returning to work or school and maintaining breastfeeding and flat/inverted nipples. This training is intended for CPA staff who has already acquired an advanced training such as CLC, CLS, IBCLC.

After this training, the participant will return to their local WIC agency and confidently use the skills learned with WIC breastfeeding dyads. The participants will also be a breastfeeding resource professional in their local agency for other WIC staff.

Please check recommended pre-requisites before registration.

Registration Fee

FREE This Training is intended for staff who have already acquired an advanced training such as CLC, CLS, IBCLC.


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2021 Dates & Locations

August 11-12, 2021
Virtual Training
Registration closes August 6, 2021

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Pre-requisite required? Yes

Recommended: Prior Advanced Lactation Certification

  • i.e., CLC, CLS, IBCLC, etc.
  • Identify 3 ways that indicate a breastfeeding dyad is successfully breastfeeding.
  • Demonstrate how to perform a comprehensive breastfeeding assessment with a breastfeeding dyad.
  • Practice creating feeding plans for various breastfeeding dyad situations.
  • Identify 2 reasons why alternative feeding devices may be needed and how to use them with a breastfeeding dyad.
  • Verbalize techniques to promote breastfeeding in the presence of flat or inverted nipples.
  • Identify current evidenced based practices for sore nipple management in the breastfeeding dyad.
  • Describe methods to maintain milk production and breastfeeding after returning to work or school in the breastfeeding dyad.
  • Identify 3 management principles of a breastfeeding dyad when a baby is not latching.
  • Dionne Moore-Smith
  • Alice Christenson
All participants registering in advance will receive a Participant Reminder with the training details. If you do not receive a confirmation email prior to the event, or if you have any questions regarding registration, please contact MPHI at (517) 324-8330.
This policy is available for you to read during the registration process under “Terms and Conditions” prior to submitting your registration.