Time Savers Teaching Milk Expression Training

This training will provide new local WIC agency Breastfeeding Coordinators with the necessary information, skills, and administrative tools to train their local WIC staff on how to effectively and efficiently provide information on breast pumps and hand expression of milk to WIC participants. Experienced Breastfeeding Coordinators who have not attended a previous training are welcome to attend. Since this is a train the trainer format, it is limited to one representative per agency.

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Virtual Agenda

Please log-on to the Zoom link 10-15 minutes before the training to ensure that your technology is working. Cameras and mics are required.

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

2020 Upcoming Dates & Locations

December 4, 2020
Virtual Training

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  • Discuss quick and effective ways to teach milk expression in a busy clinic environment.
  • Discuss how to use policy and guidelines to assess a mother’s eligibility for a hand pump, personal use or multi-user breast pump.
  • Identify quick ways to determine the correct breast pump to use with mothers in a variety of different situations.
Continuing Education opportunities are available in the areas of Nursing and Lactation. A Certificate of Attendance with educational hours is also available. If more information is needed, please contact CEInfo@mphi.org.
  • Dionne Moore-Smith
  • Alice Christenson
This workshop is intended for new local agency Breastfeeding Coordinators.
All participants registering in advance will receive a Participant Reminder with the training details. If you do not receive a confirmation email prior to the event, or if you have any questions regarding registration, please contact MPHI at (517) 324-8330.
This policy is available for you to read during the registration process under “Terms and Conditions” prior to submitting your registration.